FTP with FileZilla on Windows

FileZilla is easy to use FTP software for Windows. You can downloaded it free of charge fromfilezilla.sourceforge.net.Step 1: Open FileZilla, click the File menu, then click Site Manager.

Step 2: The Site Manager screen will display any existing connections you have set up. Click the New Site button.

Step 3: Enter a name, such as your website name, for the FTP connection you are about to configure.

Step 4: In the Host text box, enter ftp.livedns.co.uk. This is Fasthosts’ main FTP server and will connect you directly to your web space.

 Note: Once your domain name has been registered with or transferred to Fasthosts for more than 72 hours, you can also use ftp.yourdomain.co.uk (replacing yourdomain.co.uk with your domain name). However, if your DNS is not with Fasthosts, you can only useftp.livedns.co.uk.

Step 5: Use the Servertype drown-down list to select FTP.

Step 6: Select the Normal radio button, under Logontype.

Step 7: In the User text box, enter your FTP account username. If you are using your master FTP account, this will be your domain name.

Step 8: Enter your FTP account password in the password text box. If you are using your master FTP account, and have not changed its password, this will be the same as control panel password sent in your Fasthosts welcome email.

Step 9: If this will be the FTP account you access most, select the Default account radio button.

Step 10: Click the Advanced button.

Step 11 (optional): Click the  button  to find your website folder, select it and then click the OK button.

Whenever FileZilla connects to your FTP space, it will show this folder’s contents in the Local Site section of the screen.

Step 12: Enter “/htdocs/” in the Default remote directory text box. This will ensure that FileZilla connects to your live website files folder. You can move up to the parent folder by clicking the ..folder.

Step 13: Drag files from the Local Site pane, on the left hand side, to the Remote Site pane on the right, to the upload them.