Hosted Acronis
Backup Cloud

Keep your data safe with our cloud backup service,
powered by Acronis

Why choose Hosted Acronis
Backup Cloud?


Your most important business asset is data. After all, without customer information,
order details or product data, you will not be able to perform any business activities.
Imagine partially or even completely losing your business data. It could mean the
beginning of the end. At the very least, it would damage your company image.
Hosted Acronis Backup Cloud gives you the peace of mind that comes with the
knowledge that your data is safely stored at all times.

Guaranteed data protection

Hosted Acronis Backup Cloud uses high-end storage equipment,
which is located in a physically secured UK datacentre. Due to an
extensive SLA you can always access your backed-up data and
the datacentre has multiple Standardisation Certifications.

Remote backup of desktops,
laptops and servers

As soon as users log in to your company network from any location the backup process will start. You will also be able to view and download your data from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

Multiple storage options…

√ 25GB workstation account
√ 100GB workstation account
√ 250GB workstation account
√ 500GB workstation account
√ 1TB workstation account
√ 150GB server account
√ 500GB server account
√ 2TB server account
√ 5TB server account
√ Unlimited with pay per gigabyte

How does Hosted Acronis Backup Cloud Work?

Hosted Acronis Backup Cloud offers a cover-all, end-to-end solution for your
backup issues. The solution creates a backup of the data on all of your computers,
irrespective of your location. The solution operates in a fully automated way, offering
unrivalled ease-of-management and supports various operating systems.
It really is that simple.

Suitable for any operating system

Our Hosted Acronis Backup Cloud supports all popular operating systems. This means
you are ensured of the right backup capabilities now as well as in the future.

Technical features

√ Windows, Mac & Linux support
√ MS Exchange Server backup
√ MS SQL Server backup
√ MySQL database backup
√ Bare metal restore options
√ 256-bit AES encryption
√ Pre & post scripts
√ Centralised backup schedule management
√ UK based storage