How do I set up a Starter or Standard mailbox on an Android device?

This article covers the setup for Starter and Standard mailboxes on Android devices.

Starter and Standard mailboxes will need to use and SMTP server provided by your ISP in order to allow them to send mail. Alternatively the mailbox can be upgraded in order to allow it to use the SMTP server provided by Fasthosts.

Each version of Google Android may vary slightly, but this guide will show you a generic process for setting up a Starter or Standard mailbox.

Step 1

Open the email application on your device.

email icon

Step 2

Enter your email address and mailbox password in the text boxes provided and select Next.

username & password

Step 3

Select IMAP as the account type.


Step 4

Enter the following details in the text boxes provided:

  • Username: Enter your mailbox username, this will be the same as your email address.
  • Password: Enter your mailbox password. This is the same password you chose when you created your mailbox.
  • IMAP Server: Enter replacing with your domain name.
  • Port: Enter port 143.
  • Security type: Leave this set to none.
  • IMAP path prefix: Leave this blank.

Once you have filled out all the details, click Next.

IMAP settings

Step 5

In the Outgoing Settings, enter the SMTP server details supplied by your Internet service provider, and pressNext.

Step 6

Enter an account name in the Set account name box and enter a display name in the Your name box.

The account name will allow you to distinguish this account from any other email accounts you have set up on your Phone. The display name will be shown on all outgoing messages.

email icon

Step 7

You will be given options to select some custom settings.

email icon

Once you have chosen your custom settings, click Next. Your mailbox will now be ready to use.