Re: Teamviewer Website Blocked

Teamviewer sent me a GDPR email but I could not respond because TalkTalk Homesafe Scam Protection blocks the webiste.

I contacted TalkTalk’s support and the response was:
11:58, Jun 6
TalkTalk: I see. TeamViewer is a cross-platform application that allows you to remotely connect to any computers, laptops and mobiles instantly over the internet. It is also used by scammers to get personal information from TalkTalk customers.Scammers often claim they are from a legitimate company (e.g. Microsoft) and advise customers they have Malware (Malicious Software) on their computers and will offer a solution to fix it that’s what this is being blocked by the scam protection settings.
12:00, Jun 6
Geoff: I understand what Teamviewer is, but HomeSafe stops me communicating legitimately with them. Does Homesafe allow me to allow certain web addresses while protecting me from all other known scammers?
12:01, Jun 6
TalkTalk: You can allow teamviewer using the Kidsafe settings.
12:02, Jun 6
Geoff: Thanks -I’ll try that – though there are no kids anywhere near my computer ever!
12:03, Jun 6
TalkTalk: We appreciate customers who let us know when things aren’t right. Thanks for caring so much.

This is a better solution because it leaves TalkTalk Homesafe Scam Protection switched on.  Go to Kidsafe.  Delete all bans.  Add Teamviewer as a permtted site.  This overrides TalkTalk Homesafe Scam Protection (for that site only, I hope).