You have updated your subscription to Acronis Cloud Storage (purchased additional space).
In Alerts, you see this alert:
The storage quota is exceeded. Further backups will fail.
Backup to Cloud finishes with a warning like:
Error code: 57
Module: 161
LineInfo: 0xD446F36312408800
{“tenantName”:””,”$module”:”disk_bundle_vsa64_3539″,”quota”:”250 GB”}
Message: There is no free space on Acronis Cloud Storage. Backup size: 289,7 GB; Storage quota: 250 GB. Please upgrade the subscription. Otherwise, further backups will fail.
You notice, that storage quota in the error message is incorrect.


Cloud certificate was not updated.

Acronis development team is working on the issue, and it will be fixed in the next product version. This article will be updated as soon as the fix is released.

As workaround, navigate to

%allusersprofile%\Acronis\BackupAndRecovery\ (in Windows)
/var/lib/Acronis/BackupAndRecovery/ (in Linux)
/Library/Application Support/Acronis/BackupAndRecovery/OnlineBackup/Default (in macOS)

and rename the OnlineBackup folder; then start backup. A new certificate will be obtained.