Mailbox data for Exchange mailboxes are typically stored on Fasthosts’ servers.

The following procedure describes how to make a copy of your mailbox data in Microsoft Outlook, on our local PC.


  • First create a new Personal Folders file (.pst).
  • In Microsoft Outlook, click File, New, Personal Folders File, as seen in Fig. A, below.

Fig. A – create new .pst file


  • Browse to the directory in which you want to create the new .pst file and type a name for the file, as seen in Fig. B.

Fig. B – select directory and name the new .pst file


  • Now supply a display name for your new Personal Folders, select an encryption type (optional) and specify a password. Then click OK, as seen in Fig. C.
  • The new Personal Folder will now appear in your list of folders, with the name you specified.

Fig. C – specify details

The messages, contacts, folders, etc. seen in Outlook actually reside on the server. To copy a folder from the server to your new Personal Folder, simply right-button click the folder you wish to copy, as seen in Fig. D.

Fig. D – specify folder to copy


  • Now select the folder to copy to – i.e. the newly created folder, on your local PC and click OK.
  • The folder will now be copied from the server to your local .pst file and will appear under the newly created folder, as seen in Fig. E, below.

Fig. E – folder copied


  • You should now repeat this procedure for each folder you wish to copy.

Having completed this process, you can now delete any or all of the messages, folders, contacts, etc. from the server.