FTP with Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer allows you to use FTP (file transfer protocol) to upload files directly to your web space in the same way that you can copy files between folders on your own computer. 

Step 1: Click Start, then My Computer from the start menu to open Windows Explorer. Enterftp.livedns.co.uk in the address bar.

 Note: You can use ftp.yourdomain.co.uk if your domain name’s nameservers have been set to Fasthosts’ nameservers for 72 hours or more.

Step 2: A dialogue box will ask your for your FTP username and password.

Enter your domain name as the username and your account password as the password. This will log you into your master FTP account. You can set up separate FTP accounts, each with their own access rights, using your Fasthosts control panel.


Step 3: Windows Explorer will display a list of folders, much like those on your own computer. Double-click htdocs; this is the folder where your public website files are stored.

Step 4: Upload your website’s home page by dragging and droppping it. This is just the same as if you were dragging and dropping files between folders on your own computer. If you upload a file called index.html directly to htdocs, it will automatically become your website’s home page.


Where to upload your files and what to call them

Windows servers: For standard html files, your home page should be called index.html ordefault.html.Linux servers: For standard html files, your home page should be called index.html.

Creating new folders: Any new folders you create within htdocs can be accessed as part of your website address.

Example: If you create a folder called photos in htdocs, you would access it withwww.yourdomain.co.uk/photos in your browser’s address bar