Setting up a Professional Mailbox on an Android device

How can I set up a Professional mailbox on my Android Phone?

This article covers the setup for a Professional mailbox on Android devices.

Each version of Google Android may vary slightly, but this guide will show you a generic process for setting up a Professional mailbox.

Step 1

Open the email application on your device.

email icon

Step 2

Enter your email address and mailbox password in the text boxes provided and click Next.

username & password

Step 3

Under Account Type select Exchange Active Sync.

Excahnge Active Sync

Step 4

Enter the following details in the text boxes provided:

  • DOMAINUsername: Enter your mailbox username, this will be the same as your email address.
Some versions of Android you must use the domainusername format. For example if your username is you must enter
  • Password: Enter your mailbox password. This is the same password you chose when you created your mailbox.
  • Server:
    • If your Exchange Server name is CAS.EMAIL.LOCAL: Enter
    • If your Exchange Server name is CAS.EMAIL2.LOCAL: Enter

Check the boxes marked Use secure connection and Accept all SSL certificates and click Next.

Step 5

Your phone will now connect to the Exchange server. Check the boxes of any features that you want to include with your Professional Mailbox, then press Next.

email icon

Step 6

Provide an Account name and a Display name for your mailbox and click Next.

The account name will allow you to distinguish this account from any other email accounts you have set up on your Phone. The display name will be shown on all outgoing messages.

email icon

Step 7

A screen will appear asking for permissions to be granted. Click Activate to accept these.

email icon

Your Android device is now set up with your Professional mailbox.